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Strategic Tracking, Accountability, and Reporting System

The Strategic Tracking, Accountability, and Reporting System (STARS) is a web app designed to make it easier to develop and maintain strategic plans for small governments.

I worked with the Executive Director and Planner to design, develop, and implement a solution to capture and track organizational strategic goals and initiatives. As the sole developer on the project, I wrote a full design document based on interactions with key stake-holders, developed the code using a test-driven approach (with over 650 unit and functional tests covering 99% of the code), and implemented the project features using Python, Django, HTML, and CSS.

Work also included creating all graphical assets used in the main system, setting up a small Linux (Ubuntu Server) based libvirt+KVM virtualization solution to power the servers and writing a simple shell script for automated deployments to staging and production.

Screenshots of STARS Copyright © 2008—2015 Coquille Indian Tribe. Used with permission.