Adventures in code and computation.

This story is not yet over!

A valued colleague and friend of mine noticed I need to update my website. She is so right! This is my first, very humble, little attempt to do so. :)

It’s been a while. Far too long in fact. But I have not given up on this simple little website. I embarked upon a terrifying adventure at the start of 2015 where I left a very comfortable job of (depending on how you slice it) around 14 years to strike out and find myself as a proper, full-time, unencumbered software developer.

By God’s grace, I succeeded. This has been an absolute blast, I’ve grown so much in my craft over the past 4+ years, and I’m super stoked about the future!

My plan is to resume writing here. Many irons in the fire still, but I’m not giving up on my craft NOR this website. :)