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Taskelot Journal: Sticking With Web

Taskelot dev journal and notes for Wednesday, 27 May, 2015.

10:40 PM – Back To It

I’m back to Taskelot this evening. Been working on it for the past hour or so. Currently working on a abstract base class approach to the interface problem which I wrote about previously.

Somehow I thought I had read that the use of ABCMeta as our base metaclass would inhibit direct instantiation of our abstract class. As I work with it that doesn’t seem to be the case, so I’m hitting the docs to clarify what I thought I had read.

10:54 PM – Forget That Idea

Maybe I’m missing it, but I don’t see anywhere in the docs about the abc module that by using ABCMeta the class becomes uninstantiatable. Must have dreamed that one up. But I’m still going to press forward with the ABC approach to see where it takes me. If I really want to prohibit direct instantiation I might be able to mark __init__() as an abstract method to force subclasses to override it, or I could just have the base class’ __init__() raise a NotImplementedError for a similar effect. I don’t see much advantage to worrying about it at this point, so I won’t.

11:00 PM – Done For The Night

Didn’t get a ton done on Taskelot today, but I did work on it after several days of inaction, and I feel good about that. Started work on the ABC approach, and have things in motion for a more productive day tomorrow.

Also noteworthy that I decided to stick with the local web app approach for the time being, for I had been wavering on that point. My mentor suggested that I not change my approach needlessly when my goal is improving my skills with web development. And that was good, sober, advice. I have many things I must get done in short amount of time, and I must remain focused if I am to succeed. I am still passionate about the potential of the web, but not always completely sold on the idea of using the web stack for local apps– that said, it is a viable option and one I have continuing interest in, so I press on with it for Taskelot.