Adventures in code and computation.

Bayprogrammer Reboot

For a long time I have wanted to re-establish a small online space to call my own; one not controlled by a social media company or search engine, and maybe just a tad more substative than that offered by services constrained by arbitrarily short character limits. But I also long dragged my feet (sometimes with good excuses, but mostly due to laziness) getting anything accomplished to this end. Finally, upon the (latest) exhortation of a friend to get something, anything, online while I work on “the perfect solution” for my personal site, I broke down and bang’d something out using the Jekyll site generator.

What I ended up with is nothing fancy. A drab grey background graces otherwise default browser styled content:

New Look

Currently I have only set up the semantic structure of the site, deferring all other styling (other than the glorious grey background) to an opportune time. So while it may look like something puked out of a time machine set to 1992, in reality it is using fancy new HTML 5 tags like nav and header under the hood (okay, those aren’t so new, but they do beat dozens of non-semantic div tags). This semantic content should be straight forward to style using CSS in the near future, which is the obvious next-step for this humble site.

Concerning Jekyll

I really resisted Jekyll initially. There are many good solutions I’ve dabbled with over the past several months. I tried Pelican, Wok, nanoc, and even Ghost for a bit; but none of those stuck. Jekyll wouldn’t have stuck either had I not just finally decided to stick with it until I got something built. Having now stuck with it long enough to figure some things out Jekyll has rather grown on me. Maybe I won’t even need that self-rolled solution after all. Or maybe I will. Either way, now I can write about whatever I end up working on rather than just dream of doing so.