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This story is not yet over!

A valued colleague and friend of mine noticed I need to update my website. She is so right! This is my first, very humble, little attempt to do so. :) (read more)

Progress on Taskelot's Database

After going through the Flask Quickstart and Flask (Flaskr) Tutorial, I have a reasonable idea on how to build a very simple Flask app, including a simple SQLite database backend and a basic testing strategy. I want to finish perusing the Flask documentation soon, but I feel it’s important to... (read more)

Designing Taskelot's Initial Model and View

One of the first thing one should do when developing a software system is consider carefully what the output will look like, and how the user might interact with the system to generate the output. A great talk that has further influenced my thinking in recent years is Ryan Singer’s... (read more)

What Problems Aim I to Solve With Taskelot?

I haven’t been working much on Taskelot lately; I got side-tracked with forking the scripts and configs from the old Crunchbang Linux project for my own use (see them here if you wish: With that out of the way I am ready to approach Taskelot with some fresh thinking,... (read more)

Taskelot Journal: Sticking With Web

Taskelot dev journal and notes for Wednesday, 27 May, 2015. (read more)

Taskelot Journal: Reading up on Python ABCs

Taskelot dev journal and notes for Friday, 22 May, 2015. (read more)

Taskelot Journal: Unit Testing Drama

Taskelot dev journal and notes for Thursday, 21 May, 2015. (read more)

On Not Giving Up Programming

I received a warm shout out from a friend of mine in his recent blog post which got me thinking about my own programming journey: both where I’m at now, and where I want to be in the future, and how I’ve managed to stay on the path to becoming... (read more)

Bayprogrammer Progress Update

Decided it was time to take the next step on my new website and work in CSS to bring style to the structure. I gravitate toward visual simplicity and minimalism with my websites, especially my personal sites– yet I do have an appreciation for balance and asthetics. (Side note:... (read more)

Bayprogrammer Reboot

For a long time I have wanted to re-establish a small online space to call my own; one not controlled by a social media company or search engine, and maybe just a tad more substative than that offered by services constrained by arbitrarily short character limits. But I also long... (read more)