Zebulin M. DeOs

2425 Virginia Ave, North Bend, OR 97459 • 541-297-8918


Join a team enthusiastic about crafting creative, correct, and effective solutions to important problems using cutting edge technology.


Web Application Developer LabArchives, LLC • August 2015—present • Carlsbad, CA (remote)

Perform web development using Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and other web technologies for internal tools and an external software as a service web application in support of the scientific community. Accomplishments:

Systems Development and Integration Services Coordinator Coquille Indian Tribe • September 2009—January 2015 • North Bend, OR
(departed on good terms to explore new horizons)

Performed software development, systems administration (mostly Linux-based), and provided technical expertise to the IT organization. Accomplishments:

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Coordinator Coquille Indian Tribe • May 2002—September 2009 • North Bend, OR
(role evolved into new position, listed above)

Managed the organization's GIS and geospatial data, performed cartographic map production and analysis, and performed web and database development. Was key advocate for the deployment of Free/Libre and Open Source Software internally.


Programming Languages

Python, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, shell scripting
(studying C & C++, exposure to Rust, Elixir, Perl)

Web Technologies

HTML, CSS, WAI-ARIA, Django, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Jekyll, WordPress


Git, Mercurial, GIMP, pip, virtualenv, webtest, Sphinx, RubyGems, Bundler, rbenv, MiniTest, Node.js, nodenv, npm

Operating Systems

Fedora, ArchLinux, Debian, OS X

Other Skills

Unit & functional testing, Apache, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Samba, KVM, libvirt, VirtualBox, excellent verbal & written communication skills, presenting

Education & Training

University Courses Finite Mathematics, Reasoning and Problem Solving, Principles of Management
Western Governors University • November 2011—April 2012 • Salt Lake City, UT
Introduction to Agile: Project Management & Development ORURISA • March 2010 • Eugene, OR
Interoperable Web GIS Solutions with Open Source Software Terra GIS • June 2009 • Seattle, WA
College Courses Computer Information Systems, Computers in Society, Computer Art
Southwestern Oregon Community College • 1997—2001 (intermittent) • Coos Bay, OR